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French Cinema Festival in Cuba
(End of June)
What was, in 1998, only a week dedicated to french cinema became the French films festival knowing the strongest attendance in Latin America.

Being cinema-enthusiast, the Cuban audience is fond of an original, authentic production bringing to the aesthetics, to the development of the thought and the sensibility. This particular cultural context grants without any doubt the enthusiastic welcome made for the French cinema. The ticket’s price (two pesos, hardly 20 cents of euro) allows everyone the access to movie theaters, regularly provided for forty years with French movies, those of Truffaut, Renoir or Godard, but also those of Pierre Richard, Louis de Funès or Belmondo, Cubans not knowing our European distinctions “art-house cinema vs commercial cinema”.

The Festival’s part is to ensure a presence of the French cinema on the Cuban screens, with the display of about fifteen films of the past year, reflecting all the variety of its style.

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